Thank You!

The Friends of the Bethlehem Mounted Police, the Officers of the Bethlehem Mounted Patrol Unit, Pharaoh, George, Asa, and Grey all want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all our supporters, donors, sponosors, friends, and family for making our open house a success. A special “thank you” goes out to Angel 34, Allentown Beverage, Love Ran Red, the Star of Bethlehem Festival, and the amazing Budweiser Clydesdales for all their help and support in making the visit by the Clydesdales a success!

Bethlehem Mounted Patrol leads the Clydesdales

Open House Procession

Pharaoh, George, Asa, and Grey officially walk to their new home


Chief Mark Diluzio joins the Hitch Team during the Bethlehem Procession near City Hall


One thought on “Thank You!

  1. Was told by Tom Tenges I should contact officer Mike Leaser. Just wanted to see if you needed any untrained horse guy to volunteer.

    Thank you for your consideration


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