Meet Homeschool Businesses’ Mompreneurs (and Dadpreneurs too!)

Homeschool businesses are all around us. There are families who are creating curriculum for the rest of us to use, there are families that are great researchers and find wonderful free resources for us to use. There are families that create clothing lines and teach homemaking skills. And the list goes on and on. You will meet some of these people here, visit their websites and get ideas of how you can join the growing number of homeschool businesses.

Once I started looking, I have been amazed at the wonderfully talented people I’ve met and read about. I imagine, as homeschooling becomes more mainstream, the need to find ways to create the income that we need to live will give birth to many, many more families who are doing it all.

What kinds of businesses have homeschoolers turned their hands to? Well, there are businesses that:

  • Create curriculum;
  • Provide tutoring for the masses;
  • Create clothing lines;
  • Create and sell artwork;
  • Create religiously based products;
  • Create business plans to teach children to turn their passions into profit

Each month (or so) I will be highlighting a homeschooling mom (or dad) who is running a business while getting on with the business of running a family. I hope that these stories will inspire you and encourage you. I hope to see your story here one day soon!

Do you also work from home while teaching your kids? If so, why not fill out the submission form below? I’ll send you the interview questions and a return email address will be provided. I’ll weave your answers into an article and post it right here for all to see!

What better way to draw attention to your business?