So You Want to be a Home Based Travel Agent?

Home based travel agents are becoming quite popular in the travel industry. One reason is because hosting agencies can have an unlimited number of agents without having the expense of housing them, providing furniture, heating, etc. And with today’s technology you can hold meetings and trainings through webinars and teleconferences.

There are a few ways to get started as a home based agent.

One way is to learn enough about the industry through self-paced studies and open your own travel agency (or join a reputable host agency).
The second way is to sign up immediately with a hosting agency that is willing to train you and help you grow in the industry.
A third way, that has raised a lot of hackles amongst professional travel agents is to join one of the many network marketing travel companies and working their programs.

Home based travel agents have the ability to earn money helping people to make their dream vacations come true. They also get a great education of their own as they learn about the countries and cities that their clients will be staying. And as you learn more, you’ll want to share your newfound information with your kids and plan some great trips. (My brief stint as a home based travel agent inspired me to visit at least three destinations that never crossed my mind before my specialization courses.)

home based travel agent

How I Discovered The World of Home Based Travel Agents

My niece got us signed up with one of the travel network marketing programs as a way to help me make money while I was recuperating from having my last child. The program sounded great and I did learn a lot about the industry. I even sold a few travel packages. However, the monthly cost for the booking engine and other things became prohibitive, especially since I was so new to how the industry works and hadn’t built up a large client list.

So, as usual, I had to go and find out more about how other people were doing this business. And what I found surprised and amazed me. Actually, I have found that it is actually cheaper for you to start your own travel agency than it is to join most of these programs!

I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the home based travel industry. I thought about being a travel agent, you know, booking family trips or corporate outings. But the travel industry encompasses so much more.

You can specialize in cruises, destination weddings, family travel, affluent travel, fundraising through travel, working with consortium, travel wholesalers, education for established agents, and more things than I feel like typing.