Benefits of Working at Home – Uncover the “Geni-in-us” in You

The benefits of working at home are many. Here’s a short list of things that you can look forward to as you embark on your journey to work-at-home.

Benefit #1

Teach your children the hands-on life skills they will need to get or create genuine jobs for themselves in the future.
Through observation and participation in your business the children can discover their own “Geni-in-us” and feel confident to follow their talents and interests towards their goal of being a fully functioning adult.

Robert Kiyosaki reports that his Rich Dad spoke of every person being a genius. The problem was that most people didn’t take the time to learn what the Genie in each us has in store. Only through discovering our own personal genius will we (and our children) be able to accomplish the things that are closest to our heart. The benefits of working at home include teaching the life skills that homeschoolers need to survive as adults. Take note of the plight of many young adults today as noted in “Rich Kid/Smart Kid” :

“Most students leave school financially needy and looking for security … security that cannot be found outside. Security is found on the inside. Many students leave school unprepared, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.”
While this is just another reason why our role as homeschooling parents is so vital, it also points out something that I am puzzled by in the United States today.

Nowadays, in most states in the United States, children are not able to start working for an outside employer until they are sixteen years of age!

That is an appalling waste of precious time for our young ones to practice how to handle financial responsibilities. No wonder many young people find it difficult to transition to the adult world – not enough experience!

Well, this is something we can ensure won’t be the case with our kids! What a cool bonus for working at home!

Benefit #2

You can “employ” your children once they turn eight years old (and earn tax deductions too!).
Imagine how much of an advantage our children will have by learning the ropes of business firsthand and at an early age. As our children grow, so will their skill sets and experience.

Imagine your son or daughter approaching their first outside employer with a full set of office skills (and references!) as a young teenager. Their credentials will jump them to the top of line. And all because you recognized the many benefits of working at home to help your family.

For example, in my home office, my eight year old is learning how to file away papers and other easy tasks that meet her current abilities. She also has learned how to answer the phone in an appropriate business manner (i.e., “Hello my name is Jade Khalid. How may I help you?”). Watching me work hard to make deadlines teachers her about time management and the importance of fulfilling contracts.

So, not only is Jade learning the ropes of basic office management, but I can count her current allowance as her salary and receive a tax deduction because of it! And that’s just one of the many benefits of working at home.

Working at home

Benefit #3

The most important benefit of working at home is the loving direction we can provide to help our children put their classroom lessons in perspective. They’ll be able to see why it is important to learn some of the subjects that they may find tedious or boring.
A side benefit of working at home is our ability to give our children real life experience that enhances their understanding of math, writing, grammar, and the importance of meeting our obligations.

When we let our children assist us with our business accounting we reinforce the need to be accurate when we are doing mathematics. When we allow our children to write business letters we are teaching them the importance of good communication and grammar skills. These are just a few of the lessons that are learned by our little “employees.” Does this sound too good to be true?

Do real people, really busy homeschoolers have time to work at home and provide an excellent education for their children?

The answer is a resounding “YES!”

There’s a great website run by a veteran homeschooler and business owner that highlights businesses that were started by homeschooled children (some as young as 7 years old!)

And where do you think they got many of their ideas?

Why from their work-at-home parents, of course!